Elton and Laura fan

Elton and Laura fan
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2004-04-23 09:54:51 (UTC)

Strange dream

Here it is:

I was a rock star, I played piano, wore suits and hats
like Harry Anderson, and glasses like Elton John. I was
playing a concert, and I said "Please welcome ELTON
JOHN!!!!!". He comes onstage, greets me with a hug, and we
play Crocodile Rock. After that he says "Thank you" and
walks off stage. (the dream kinda skips here) I'm
backstage, I hear an announcer say my name and I walk
onstage and stand behind and to the left of the announcer.
Then the announcer says "Now would you please welcome Ms.
LAURA BRANIGAN!". She walks onstage to the right, walks up
to me, gives me a hug and a kiss. Then we sit at two
keyboards that are at the front of the stage. The rest is
fuzzy, but I remember playing Crocodile Rock (again),
Solitaire, Self Control, Gloria, and Don't Go Breaking My

When I woke up, I was just shocked!!!!!!
Untill next time...
Captain Fantastic