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Seven Hundred and Fifty
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2004-04-23 09:36:06 (UTC)

Question for Chris

"When you've imagined your life, what have you seen?

I feel the life of an ancient immortal. Constant boredom,
usually. Seen it all, done it all. Nothing is actually new
to me. There are no surprises. It also falls under the
idea of being completely neutral. I've strived to be that
the majority of my life.

I can handle poverty as long as I'm known. It's not an
issue of mine.

A simple life, a few surprises, is what I'm used to.

Solitude is always on my mind and I enjoy it.

I know when I die, like most things I'll be plant food. If
that's ever going to happen.

Most things are not really important to me.

But I like change even though what I said now reverses what
I've said in previous times.

Although there's change, it's not entertaining for the most
aspects of it. Short times of entertainment in the vast
times of boredom.

If there's anything infinite about me, it's boredom.

I'm a naturalist, a minimalist.

But technology is something that intrigues me, but I don't
have the education to prove that I am suitable for these
sorts of things, or the motivation for that matter.

I have infinite patience.

I don't really think much about my future.

I don't think highly of myself. I enjoy hating me.

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