en vitae la femme

Seven Hundred and Fifty
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2004-04-23 09:11:30 (UTC)


"What response would be in my favor?"

Hmmm, should I tell the whole fantastic story or just leave
it in one word?

Well, the fantastic story got asked for.

Since I figure he's got it figured out, he's got a plan.

He's clever like that, or so I think.

I pretty much have absolutely no interest in just being #6.

Well, sorry about the fantastic storyline, all I can give ya
on that one is a picture that resides in my mind:

We're walking outside on a road or trail or clearing. It's
a sunny day, a few clouds. We may have sweaters on or
short-sleeve shirts. Trees, like in the Ozarks, all around
us. Chris, me, a little cabin-house-shack thing in the
background, a well, some stuff lying around, and, oh boy, a
kid on either one of our shoulders.

I guess that implies we did it.

So the one word answer would be "Yes."

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