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Seven Hundred and Fifty
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2004-04-23 08:41:29 (UTC)

More Chris's Questions

"What sort of a relationship are you looking for nowadays."

Good question.

Honestly, I do mean, honestly, I wasn't looking. Likely the
first time in my life I wasn't looking, but I wasn't. It
was very cool to not be looking and not feel like I even
wanted to look, like I used to be.

I was super content being single and alone. I was not
lonely because being alone doesn't mean lonely. Tonight at
work I flashed for a second on what it would be like if you
split, and it kinda sucked when I realized I would feel lonely.

See, I do know the difference. A few years back I wanted to
get married. Like, I wanted to get married so bad I
actually created that situation for myself, is what I believe.

The whole "Be Careful What You Look For, You Just Might Find
It" syndrome.

So I dated like crazy, had a few prospects, ended up
marrying a long-time friend and like it fizzled
insta-fucken-taneously. Luckily, I know I wasn't the
aggressor. We would bump into each other around town.
Pretty much, one day we hung out more than usual and bam, he
proposed, and since I had been jonesin' to get married for
so long, I did it.

(I'll talk about the marriage issue later cuz I got a lot
more to say on that subject.)

Jesus Christ, I haven't even answered the question. I just
prefaced it.