for show and tell
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2004-04-23 08:30:08 (UTC)

Sumderrapture Garnet

I'd like to update on pointless things to a computer who
cannot hear nor listen nor speak nor feel, and cold keys
which reveal no truth about anything.

I'm hungry.

I hear a whimpering puppy next door.

My mother just coughed.

My feet are filthy.

I feel lame (in the literal sense).

My contributions, artisticly, are unfinished, which is all
I have to offer.

I am at the end of my rope, and I still don't think I'm
going up any time soon.

But like I always say to Jessikah, if you say it, it will
happen. Maybe I'm just waiting. I'm so used to waiting.
It's harder to just do it when it used to simply come to
me. And no one understands. I know, I should be doing
things, but I can't so easily when I'm so inbred in my
brain that I'm used to waiting. Again, I repeat, no one
understands. Anyone not in my position is limited on this
insight, and they don't stop to think just how hard habit
is to break. Such a pity.

Good day.

I also worded that last paragraph weird...

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