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2004-04-23 02:50:00 (UTC)


Moose1628 (9:27:53 PM): rachel lies
WGChick2008 (9:27:58 PM): yes
WGChick2008 (9:28:04 PM): HAHA
WGChick2008 (9:28:10 PM): WE WILL KILL HER
Moose1628 (9:28:33 PM): we shall
WGChick2008 (9:28:45 PM): muahahahhhh
Moose1628 (9:29:02 PM): lets strangle her with floss
WGChick2008 (9:29:22 PM): yea and we can gauge her
with tooth paste
Moose1628 (9:29:56 PM): and stuff her mouth with
cotton balls
WGChick2008 (9:30:09 PM): yea
Moose1628 (9:30:12 PM): LAIR
WGChick2008 (9:30:33 PM): and then we can poke her
with q tips
Moose1628 (9:30:43 PM): and put shampoo up her
WGChick2008 (9:31:23 PM): yea and stick pads all over
her eyes so she cant see
Moose1628 (9:31:39 PM): and tampons in her ears!!!!
WGChick2008 (9:32:09 PM): and then we can hit her
with brushes
Moose1628 (9:32:40 PM): and shove mascara down
her thought
Moose1628 (9:32:44 PM): throat**********
WGChick2008 (9:32:54 PM): and make her eat lipstick
Moose1628 (9:33:16 PM): and color her eyes with eye-
WGChick2008 (9:33:35 PM): ooo and smear blush on
her butt checks
WGChick2008 (9:33:40 PM): *cheaks
Moose1628 (9:33:53 PM): cheeeks
Moose1628 (9:33:56 PM): cheeks
Moose1628 (9:34:30 PM): and paint her butthole with
Moose1628 (9:35:24 PM): look what i'm sneding her:
Moose1628 (9:35:50 PM): WGChick2008 (9:33:35 PM):
rachel is so great i love her! she is so smart
WGChick2008 (9:37:08 PM): then we can make her
suck on bar soap
Moose1628 (9:39:06 PM): cause she's a dirty morman
WGChick2008 (9:39:40 PM): duh duh
Moose1628 (9:41:21 PM): and put her naked in front of
a waffle house!!
WGChick2008 (9:41:35 PM): no in frint of nicky's house
WGChick2008 (9:41:40 PM): *front
Moose1628 (9:42:38 PM): she's so freaking gulible
WGChick2008 (9:42:48 PM): ooo foo sho
WGChick2008 (9:43:11 PM): she is as smart as
a.........well nothing really
Moose1628 (9:43:24 PM): JESSICA SIMPSON
WGChick2008 (9:43:32 PM): no she is stupider
Moose1628 (9:43:42 PM): i didn't know buffalos had
Moose1628 (9:43:45 PM): wingS*
WGChick2008 (9:43:48 PM): yea
WGChick2008 (9:43:56 PM): CHICKEN OF THE SEA
Moose1628 (9:44:26 PM): well am i eating chicken? or
tuna? Hmmmm lets ponder for a momento
WGChick2008 (9:44:33 PM): yes
WGChick2008 (9:44:35 PM): lets
Moose1628 (9:44:53 PM): drop a piano on her head!!!!!
Moose1628 (9:44:59 PM): like in the cartoons
Moose1628 (9:45:06 PM): or an acne anvil
WGChick2008 (9:45:30 PM): yea....i dontt know if that
well make her anymore stupider
Moose1628 (9:45:30 PM): im making crap up haha
Moose1628 (9:45:36 PM): hahahahahahaha
WGChick2008 (9:45:54 PM): me offf