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Seven Hundred and Fifty
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2004-04-23 01:34:20 (UTC)

Alone Vs. Someone Else

I've always liked being alone.

When I was little and my brother and sister were so much
older than me, I played alone.

When all the neighbor kids parents were either Mormon or
black and the odds were set against any friendship, I played

In college, I lived alone, then let my stupid
got-me-pregnant, soccer boyfriend, Kurt, move in. It
freaked me out so bad living with a guy that I moved out of
my own apartment! Just so I get away from him.

When Will drove me crazy last summer, I moved into the
opposite end of the building.

Why won't God get me a guy that likes me as much as I like
him? Why is it he always likes me and I don't like him or,
you know, I like him and he doesn't like me.

Like when does it ever line up and be equal?

Fucking God.