How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-22 21:11:28 (UTC)

been burned one too many

I guess what you do to others always comes back to you at
some point or another.

For every guy that I I have ever dated and its been... its
now come back to me. There are so many guys that I just
cant deal with. Apparently telling me what to do now, I
cant hang out with my friends... yeah ok... ill date you
because I almost like someone like that.

And for all the friends that I ever blew off or
reschedualed with... thats coming back. Sometimes Im not
sure why I make plans with people if they just get fucked
up in the end. I told my work I couldnt come in today
because I had things to do, and I also told someone I
couldnt chill with them because I needed to be in town to
meet up with someone... both of which didnt happen. So I
missedout on money and I missed out on and I missed out on
chillin. From now on people can suck my ass.

No one take offense to this because Im probably not talking
about you.

Went to Pro-Techs today to chill with Reedy and Doug. Two
so cute boys that I love to death. They are so funny. They
kept me entertained for a while. But after about two hours
of torture from them I decided it was time to go. I didnt
want to try to be gropped I know they are
kidding thats the great thing.

Came home from there and chilled for a few. Talked to Jamie
and told him I wasnt going to be able to meet up this
afternoon because I had something to do tonight. He sounded
kinda bummed but I cant help it. I dont want him to be
bummed but what can ya do.

I layed out in the sun for a while and then I had to come
in and take a nap because I couldnt stay awake anymore.

THen Stacey called and woke me up to tell me that the plans
were pushed back till 8 instead of 530... GREAT! now I get
to sit around my house for another 3 hours Im so excited. I
actually cant contain myself.

Oh well what are you going to do. Ive come to the
conclusion that I just dont care anymore. Ive been burned
one too many times and it puts me in this mind set and i
get a bit mean towards people.

Later kiddo's

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