A day in the life of me.
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2004-04-22 20:16:38 (UTC)

Even more guy problems

Okay so at my youth group a long time ago I met this guy

named "Pete" and we would flirt and whatever and I really

liked him and I still do but he hasn't been allowed back

and it's kinda my fault. And then about three years ago I

met this guy named "Chris" and I liked him but he was

involved with someone so I kept my distance, unlike some

people I know, and now there's "Steve". You people

remember "Steve". But I don't know what to do when they all

show up at the same time. I don't know if "Chris" likes me

like that but I'm always willing to flirt. "Pete" is

supposed to come soon but right now he's kinda grounded and

I don't know if "Pete" still likes me but again I'm willing

to flirt and find out and as far as "Steve", right now he

can kiss my ass. But when they all come at once I can't

flirt with them at the same time. I just don't know what to


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