A day in the life of me.
2004-04-22 19:59:24 (UTC)

Crushed. . .No, Pulverized.

You know that guy "Steve". Well, he has a girlfriend

named "Jenny" but he's sleeping with "Sara" and he keeps

flirting with me and like I said I know he likes me becuase

he's told me before. And we've gotten "closer" over the

last weekend but as soon as "Sara" comes around he's

totally different and the funny thing is "Sara" knows

about "Jenny. Whether "Jenny" knows about "Sara" I don't

know. But "Steve" and "Sara" are sitting there right in

front of me talking about how they are going to have sex

when they get home and I'm sitting there like I don't need

to here this not only because I don't talk about things

like that but because I like "Steve". So I started crying

and left, I came back and bursted out into tears again. So

later when we left "Steve" asked if I wanted a hug. And you

know what I said "No, fuck you, you're the reason I'm

pissed". And the next time I see him he better expect the

fucking silent treatment or I'm gonna kick his ass.