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Seven Hundred and Fifty
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2004-04-22 15:38:57 (UTC)

Broken Heart

I know I likely may be headed down Broken Heart Road, but
what am I supposed to do?

Kick him out because I'm stupid.

Jesus, what am I supposed to do, kill a million feelings a day.

I just wanted to go to graduate school.

I have my shit together. I can pay my bills and have a few

I didn't ask for someone to show up out of the blue and stay.

I was the most content Confirmed Bachelorette around.

Now I'm all mushy and fucked up.

Yeah, who wouldn't love a high like this? An all-natural
one, I don't need any drugs to feel like this.

But there's a payoff for it. Yeah, I hope for the best, of
course. True love and all that.

But, if not, I'm going to have to recreate myself to be that
content person I once was.

That pisses me off.