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Seven Hundred and Fifty
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2004-04-22 15:24:05 (UTC)

Don't Hang Around If You Won't Admit You Might Be Influencing Someone

So he thinks he's invisible or something, I guess.

Like he can choose who he hangs around, and likely for how
long, which is even sicker, and just act like what he does
or doesn't do has no affect whatsoever.

Total bullshit!

Is he a totally heartless user who has no conscience and
doesn't care what he does to other people or just totally
clueless that everything he says and does may cause someone
to fall in love with him?

Does he care?

That's what I wonder.

Like does he care about other people.

To finish off the sentence in the subject:

Don't hang around if you won't admit you might be
influencing someone...because it's fucking cruel.