en vitae la femme

Seven Hundred and Fifty
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2004-04-22 15:16:21 (UTC)

Mr. Emotionally Unavailable

That's my joke for what I call him whenever the subject of
his sexual past comes up.

Apparently, he's had sex with 5 girls for a total of 6
times, casual sex only.

He says he's never told a girl he loves her.

Never heard that one before.

Makes me wonder.

Like what's wrong with him?

Is he totally stuck-up or totally fucked-up?

What does he think he's too good for being a normal person
and having feelings for someone else, like he doesn't want
to drop himself to that level.

All I can think is how sad it is, how much he's missing out on.

Sex for just fucking is pretty lame compared to head over
heels in love sex.