Random Days
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2004-04-22 04:50:04 (UTC)

April 21/2004


I spent the most productive part of my day today cleaning
the house. Curt's been really busy, he's been getting
stressed, so I decided to surprise him with a clean house
when he came home from work. He was appreciative, and life
goes on (smoothly).

Today was really kind of a null day. I didn't accomplish
much. I spent about 2 hours removing adware/spyware and
other such malicious programs from my computer, and then
defragging the hard drive. After that, I cleaned until
about 2 or 3, then I just sort of chilled out and did
nothing until curt got home. I took the dog for a walk at
about 6, then came home and again, did nothing for a while.

What a boring day.

I am just about to go and do some more schoolwork, and have
a cup of tea (Tazo Refresh(tm)).


I await your coming tomorrow like a 5 year old awaiting the
sound of santa's reindeer on the roof.

Heh, I'll be happy to see you. Also, you'll get to laugh
at my complete lack of hair (I call myself "Tennis-Ball

Have a safe trip up (if I don't talk to you.)


Happy about:
Ebay being at $61 for four SNES games (so far). Auction
closes on the 23rd.

Waiting for:
Tonight... Oh Ooooh. When you can be here in my arms.

Listening to:
ohGr - Water.mp3