William Wong

who knows
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2004-04-22 04:24:18 (UTC)


sausage, i told u i didn't understand why you acted
like that 4 years ago. now i do.

i understand the feeling of wanting to see someone, and
yet being afraid of looking into her eyes.

i understand the feeling of wanting to listen from
somebody, yet being afraid of hearing her voice.

i understand the feeling of wanting to know more about how
someone is doing, yet being afraid of intruing into her

i understand the feeling of wanting to be part of
someone's life, yet not wanting to hurt others.

now i understand why u ran away from the changing room to
the covered playground, and why u kept on running in

there's only one plausible explanation to all this, one
which i am more than ready to admit, and yet i should deny.

run with me, though u dun have to now, haha


hate my mind failing to concentrate on what i have to
concentrate on. that's something for adolescence, i'm no
longer entitled to claim for.


u're right: thinking about something that can't be solved
by thinking more is a stupid thing which i should not be
engaged in anymore.

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