Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2004-04-22 04:17:11 (UTC)

Nate Got Fired, it SUCKS

Somehow I forgot to mention that Nate got fired a
week ago... He
didn't answer the door last Wednesday morning when I went
to pick him up, and so I just went to work after banging
on the garage & the front door for 10 minutes AND calling
the house line twice. I continued calling ALL morning,
mainly because I didn't want him to get fired for not
calling in, and partially because I was kind of worried. I
finally got ahold of him when I got off work, and he had
been there sleeping the whole time. SO irresponsible. He
asked me to come over and help him think of an excuse, so
I did, but we didn't think of anything that was going to
help, so he basically just called in with no excuse.
Just "I was sleeping, I'm sorry. There's no phone in my
garage room, and nothing woke me up". Yeah, so... Howard
didn't accept that as nicely as we were hoping he would,
and he told Nate not to bother coming back. I was SO
pissed. I really didn't think he'd actually get fired.
Howard normally never fires anyone. But I guess last time
Nate worked at Bad Habits he left on bad terms, so when he
came back, he was lucky to get his job back at all. Howard
said he burned all his bridges.