in silent existance
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2004-04-22 01:13:21 (UTC)


grrrrrr i don't understand chics, which is sad cuz i am 1!!!
i mean why is it that every time you confide in one that
you might like a guy automatically they like him 2 even if
u met him first and were really obvious about it. and then
they decided 2 take all their time and well since i'm me i
won't fight on it. and then when they c that they have have
2 more frequently tell you about how many guys like them
and then they have 2 be under ur ass no matter who ur
talking 2 even if its someone you really care about who
hates them i mean damn when they directly insalt u several
times in a row ever time u go near them catch the hint
fuckin ditz
but thats ok i'm bein the better/bigger person and it will
pay off in time . . .i hope ne ways
and well i'll get over it i just grr i hate it i don't
understand or like it at all! pll like that need a clue or
an ass kickin but w/e

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