2004-04-22 00:24:31 (UTC)


Uh..........pressure and works are coming again. Today Mr.
P ask me to start writing college essay because next year,
I'm not ESL anymore, he doesn't have class to do that with
me. He told me to start listing things that happened in my
life since I born, especially that I have deep image of it
and it's has to be powerful; so that people in the college
MAY accept me.

Ah.......it's easy to list things out, but none of it that
I feel interest to write about it and I don't have good
memory of those; also, there are things that I can't let
people know, such as my parents don't live with me and my
grandparents always fight and yell at each other.

I don't uderstand why those people so interset what your
life look like and what is your feeling, they are so nosey.

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