2004-04-21 23:46:59 (UTC)

What grade are we in again?

LoL, the funniest thing happend today, mm k, i got up
really late... try 7:05 and to get to school on time i have
to leave at 7:25, so i hop in the shower, get out, blow dry
my hair, throw it up in a pony tail, and my mom had set me
out an outfit. well, it happend to be satans sweatpants and
i didn't htink it was a big deal bc i wouldn't see her at
school today. well, she ended up seeing me at lunch, muh
hahaha, lol, and then after school, she had her MOM call MY
mom and leave a message saying she wanted it back. well, my
mom and i got a big kick out of that and laughed about it
for a while. its hilarious bc i can see someone doing that
like in 3rd grade... but junior year.. marvin tikvah says
it best "CCCCCCCMON!" LoL. does your mom still wipe your
ass too?! ohhh stop me!! lol, gotta love ace ventura... im
out.. but no, im not oging to have my mom do MY dirty work,
ill bitch ya out to ya face... cuz im a badass like that! ;)