listen to my silences
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2004-04-21 17:38:11 (UTC)

and they said she drank sherry and fell to merely watching the rain...

just because a person wants someone does not mean they will
settle for anyone. i will not. while i do not know who
the someone is, i know who it is not. and that is enough
for me.

those who are not that someone do not encompass what i want.

in essence: i want a gentleman with callouses on his hands.

for now that is the only way i can explain it. if you
don't understand that statement, i suppose i could explain
it. but i cannot expand past that idea right now.

final thought: what is it you cannot tell me? there was
something in your piercing, honest, searching, light-blue
eyes that gave immense meaning to just how much attention
you were paying to our conversation of both trivial and not-
so-trivial things. you were more than involved. tell me,
what is it?