a little piece of me
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2004-04-21 16:52:29 (UTC)


nc was ok. turtle took me to the beach and we had an
amazing day. we walked around the barefoot landing
shops. found some treats for the kids. ate at hardrock.
the host came over to our table after we were seated
and told us we looked like we were into magic, so he
put on a little show for us. it was pretty funny. got a
tshirt there to add to my collection. the rest of the trip
kinda sucked. had to listen to his mother bitch about
everything while we were there. the stay at his dads
house was nice. got to ride 4 wheelers, see lots of
animals. it was very cool. glad to be home, though.

got kali yesterday. wasn't quite ready for her, but she's
here anyway. she's the tiniest little thing. i put her in
her kennel last night, and she cried all night long. didn't
want the people upstairs to call and complain again, so
i put her in the bed with me. she slept fine the rest of
the night. what a silly little puppy. she's about 1/3 the
size of the cats, but she chases them around the house
already. brazen little thing! she's cute.

well, i guess that's about it. got lots of housework to do
so i guess i better do it. fun stuff!