Ramblings of a Mom
2004-04-21 13:12:49 (UTC)

The Good, The Bad, and The Okay

Well, here we are, and I'm typing one-handed again. So
just bare with me.
The Good -- The baby had not had a bowel movement in almost
11 days, so I asked the dr about it yesterday. He
recommended an infant glycerin suppository and then 2 ozs
of diluted apple juice twice a day. I went to the store to
get prescriptions filled for his brother and to get the
baby juice. They didn't carry the right size
suppositories, so we were left with just trying the apple
juice. He drank the apple juice, then nursed, and was sooo
sick! I can't even think of how many spit rags we went
through before he finally went to sleep! But, the juice
did the trick, and he started going the morning. I don't
think he's done by a long shot, but at least he started
The Bad -- We got news yesterday that next Wednesday my Dad
will go in for full knee replacement surgery. This is
going to be tough on everyone. He's not young, he's almost
69, smokes a pipe constantly, and is a bit on the heavy
side. I'd like for him to agree to stay with the baby and
I while Mom is at work during the day, but we all know how
stubborn men can be! I don't want him alone in my parents
house because they are stacked floor to ceiling boxes that
have not been cleaned out and put back away from over a
year ago when they had to pack up their house for some
major work being done! It's so bad, I can't take the baby
over there for any length of time! There are not good
walkways throughout the house, and he would need to be baby-
sat over there.
The Okay -- Tyler (the older son) had a doctor's
appointment yesterday to check on his medication for his
ADD/ADHD. Turns out, the doctor wants to keep him on this
medication and this dosage for the next 4 months. We will
reevaluate it again just before he goes back to school in
the fall. But, he has an ear infection in his right ear
and fluid in his left ear. The doctor feels like the
moodiness and crying and such is probably due to Tyler
dealing with all that has happened to him in his short life
span and that we should continue to work with the counselor
before we try anything else.
The other okay thing is that last night I made a joke with
my husband about how he's supposed to love me, and he asked
me who says that I don't. I let it go, rolling back over
to my side of the bed, and he pursued it, saying, who says
that I don't love you? I just told him no one. I think
that he is honestly realizing or getting concerned that I
am getting insecure again.
Well, the baby is fussing, gotta run, until tomorrow!