DiNaH says...
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2004-04-21 12:35:05 (UTC)

leaving too soon

too soon
i'm leaving and it's too soon. too soon to even believe
it's all happening. mixed emotions fill my whole being as
the day approaches. it's hard to leave everything behind
when all these years i was pampered by the hands of those
around me. but the fact remains that life evolves and i am
destined to face a lot of things in need of reconstruction.

it's a fact of life. i have always dreamed of this thing to
happen. i have always included it in my plans -- that
thinking of the future, if it wouldn't happen, will make my
life incomplete.

leaving the old life behind
i will definitely miss lots of things, lots of people who
made my existence colorful -- happy, sad, exciting,
miserable and all. i have to be brave and fight all the
tears that might fall during the time my family and friends
would settle their unending words of wisdom and farewell
for the mean time. but then, i would have to face them, and
here them, and cry in every talk, in every goodbyes.

yes, it's as if i'm writing a deadline for the magazine. as
of this very moment, i haven't told my boss yet. and how
could i spill the news -- that i'm leaving my present post
to find myself in a foreign land? how could i tell everyone
in the office who've already treated me as their youngest
family member? how could i break the ice? what's the first
line to say?

spill out the truth
i have to have enough courage to tell them by tomorrow.
how? i don't know.