Random Days
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2004-04-21 07:48:28 (UTC)

April 20/2004


I've been working for the past couple hours on your music
compilation. If I was to name this cd, I'd probably call
it "Tessa's Hardcore Now." or "Lessons in Industrial."

But that's because I'm a loser.

Coffee with Tyler was funnish. Sorta. I dunno. I just
don't really care about hanging out with tyler. I go for
the coffee really, not to hang out with tyler. He just
happens to be there. I find that he's too much of a
sympathy whoreish type person. Alas.


There's something really wrong at the place you work when
probably at least once EVERY day I go to work, somebody
ends up crying for some reason. I'm not sure if it's just
an oversaturation of women in the environment, or if there
are big problems I'm not seeing, all I know is that
somebody usually ends up crying at least once a day. It
just seems like an unhealthy work environmenty type thing
when people are always bursting into tears.

Other than that, work is going good. Nobody's really evil
(like there were at mcdonalds), so it's not as much stress
when it comes to dealing with customers or fellow
employees. Plus, I get closer and closer to a caffeine
induced death every day (for free!), so I can't argue with

JOC IS GONE ------

Joc and Curt had a fight over the phone tonight, because
Curt didn't feel like talking, and that hurt jocelyn's
feelings, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Curt is
usually awesome with my sister, but jocelyn demands SO much
attention ALL the time, it sometimes grates on Curt. It's
not really any of my business though, so I'll stay out of


Can't wait.


Currently drinking:
Coca-Cola (finally - I've been drinking diet pepsi almost
exclusively for about 2 months)

Relieved that:
My computer is going to sell.

Listening to:
Bauhaus - Dark Entries.mp3