LIFE..Is That What You Would Call It?
2004-04-21 03:26:23 (UTC)

been awhile

Its been awhile since i hacve wrote in her so im goin to
cetch ya up...

i jus recently broke up with my boyfriend cody..yes cody
loupe..cant beleive it but yea we dated.. wedated for 2 n
a half weeks.. yea wel we broke up ..he dumped me on
sunday...:(.. im happy i guess....he folllows valicity
like a puppy dog... ill give it 2 or 3 weeks n they willl
b dating..

well at the moment i dont THINK i like ne one..idk much
bout me sux i have no life..i need to start
having fun...

Chance...u want eva hit swear im not
high..heheh hahaha...well

umm il write lata