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2004-04-21 02:34:24 (UTC)


dude tonight was f'ing awesome! OK me andrea and stacey had
so much f'ing fun today after we got done testing. we're in
a comp lab for seminar (thats where we test) and in that
classroom later on in the day, happens to be a retard
class, and they have headphones for them so they can hear
shit and blah blah, i dont know, their babied, so you get
the point. anyway, andrea calls me over (we have to be
quiet bc people are still testing) and she shows me this
thing she figured out where in microsoft word there is
a "helper" that you can type stuff and it will say it
outloud to you. so we were typing "vulgar" stuff, lol,
we're so mature, lol, and then, andrea, who is a f'ing
genious, decided to do the same thing on her comp, and then
i took the headphones from her comp so i could hear what
she was typing and then she could hear what i was typing w/
my headphones from my comp. so we were having a convo about
this "special" girl that sits in front of us. and we were
laughing so hard bc it was hilarious and toni (that girl)
is like watching us have fun? lol, freaky, so she is like
laughing too, which is f'ing hilarious bc we're really
laughing at her... so she moves her freakin chair back to
us, so we have to scramble and erase everything and poor
andrea is sitting there like "oh what the fuck do i do!"
lol, so we just sat there and did nothing but laugh, so
eventually she moved back to the row in front of us. god
that was great! anyway, the day goes on.. we watched forest
gump in 4th (bc we tested instead of oging to 1st, 2nd, and
3rd) and then watched "remeber the titans" in 5th, but i
played eucher thou, i was a balla! and then in 6th, there
was 3 of us in class bc the seniors were still at world of
sports so i spent the whole class talking to josh and
nicole. thennn after school i came home took a 3 hour nap,
lol, and then like at 8, andrea calls me to set up
our "plans" lol, i picked her up at 8:30 and met stacey at
the T.C. Country Club. then we drove out to florence to
uh "check out some stuff" lol and then we drove back to
union. stacey had this "hulk" mask in her car so i put it
on and at lights i was "growling" at people, lol, classic
shit right there. then we went to krogers and andrea wore
the mask and walked around the store, it was great bc we
saw people from our school, and they knew it was her, ha.
and then when we left krogers, this kid in our seminar was
out there, so we drove around him like 5 times and andrea
growled at him, than pushed the carts that he was moving,
funny stuff... then we drove to blockbuster and andrea got
the movie the hulk and went up to the lady and was
like "look its me... me movie star" and she was
like "cooooool" lol, than they bought drinks and stacey
(since she loves retards and all) donated a dollar to some
childrens fund, and andrea ripped it in half and wrote the
incredible hulk on it and then the lady taped it up like
that... awesome shit! so yea... we left there, and drove to
T.C. again and uhh took care of business... but lets say i
have a souviner now! muh hahaha no one knows what it is but
us three! except me and stacey only got souviners, but this
weekend, or next, im not sure, we are going to get andreas
souviner... lol no one knows what im talking about and
thats so awesome! hahahahaha... anyway, i came home, and
here i am now, and whats really funny, i opened up kazaa so
i could jam to some music, and there is always a little
banner of ads at the bottom, and guess what the banner is
how funny is that! lol, but im out... peace n' chicken