Nick's Journal
2004-04-21 01:59:52 (UTC)

Oh your name is Misty?

so there's this girl in my derivatives class who is a crazy
slut. basically she whores herself out for all homework
answers and all hints for the upcoming test. i still
remember when she accosted me (damn jamie's keyboard is don't read this do you
jamie?...:-)), anyhow, she attempted to get some answers
out of me with her usual flirtatious demeanor, consisting
of, "heeyyyyyyyyy, aren't you in my comm. banking class?"
"oh i know, we were in intermediate finance together!"
" just announced how you were a transfer
"well fuck you niggah."
man she was annoyed.
i'm bad with people, REALLY bad.
but you see, most guys love female attention, you talk to
us we'll break our backs (usually) to lick your vagina.
the thing about misty which i should state right now is
that she is hideous yet she has a raunchy sex appeal. i
mean i would rather stick my dick in some sewage, but still
she is some sexy sewage in a certain have sex with your cat
to gratify your needs sort of way. eh, it's hard to
explain. SHE'S HIDEOUS. it's sort of like music. sure we
hear a lot of pop music and vomit at the lack of contact
yet it turns into a virus as we constantly recall it in a
feverish addiction. that's the extent of sex, that's why
love is such a crucial part of it.
so anyhow, she whored herself out during the last test but
our teacher "schooled" her.
pop-culturanism's grip has grown to be a parasite of my
brain that uses alcohol as a cataclysm. either way the
euphoria exerted upon the recollection of simplistic
epitaphs works for me.
here i am so close to my conclusion of my journal and all i
realize is how mundane it had become. shit. i'm ending it
at the crest of a downslope, i never thought of it as
entertainment, i would never think that my sorrows and
euphorical (damn that word) states would become public.
sigh. well i'm sure you can await an empathetic conclusion
to it all............hello reality. good by recollection.