Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-04-21 01:56:48 (UTC)

weekends again

3 day weekend made into a 4 day weekend
that sounds good
we start with a little show with bands for close friends in
an intimate surrounding throw in too much fun and that
equals our show at Lenny's
then we go on to a day of sleep and driving, thrown in with
a blow torch, some radio spots and some hard rocking and
you get our show at the Cotton Club
and another day of sleeping, cleaning, bar-b-que, with a
little kill bill and no sleep equals Saturday night
and lastly smoke, lots of good meat, sun, the pool a little
will ferrell and some internet rounds out my weekend.
ok sleep is needed and then more work
can someone blame all their misfortune on someone else just
to get out of it?