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2004-04-21 00:49:26 (UTC)

Just had to update

Just so you know my weekend was total crap. I had a terrible dream on
Thursday night that Dave was really depressed and I blew him off. So I
spent Friday all depressed and freaking out. That damn boy didn't get
online until Saturday.

I know I could have called him but that is always akward. I never know
what to say to him over the phone. Ok, unless he calls me. Funny how
that works. Or when I'm drunk.

I talked to him on Saturday. He said he wouldn't call it depressed but he
did say he is feeling really down right now. That made me so pissed I
wanted to cry. He so deserves to have the most amazing life ever and I
hate that things are getting fucked up for him.

He deserves so much more than I think he is getting at the moment. Oh
well. In all honesty there isn't jack shit I can do about it. We had a little
heart to heart the other day. Nothing major but he said a few nice
things about me. Made me feel a lot better.

So I returned the favor the next night because I figured he could use
some kind words going his way.

My week is great so far but I don't think this will last too long.
Tomorrow is another day of hell. 9am to 9pm. 3 classes total. It is one
of the worst schedules I've ever had. Too bad there ain't shit I can do
about it since I need all those classes to get the hell out of here.

Anyway. I tried something new today. I see it as sort of medicating
myself for social situations. I had a shot of Bacardi Solara 1875 before
coming here. It seems to have worked. I'll fill you in on that later, but
for now I think I should sign off.

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