The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2004-04-20 22:59:45 (UTC)


I'm so sick of getting played as a fool. Once again I got
my hopes up. And as usual I got to see them smashed on the
jagged rocks of reality. Fucking dumbass me. I should
know better than to fall for the same girl twice. But how
the hell was I suppose to know she was joking when she was
telling me how she was thinking about dirty things with me
involved. That she wanted me to see her in a pink bathing
suit someday. That she was having dreams where we lived
together, and I was teasing her by sitting on her and she
was screaming and everyone walked in. That she wanted to
kiss me. How the hell am I suppose to take that. Then the
next day she has a new boyfriend. Fuck that shit. She
said she was joking but she knew she was stringing me a
long. Thats why she didnt wanna tell me. Cause she knew I
would be pissed. Yet she tells me I don't have a right to
be upset. Go figure right. Maybe I should tell her about
little fling while she was away. But somehow I dont think
that would hurt her as much as she hurt me. She knew I
still had feelings for her, she brought up how much fun she
had at the prom and how looking at the pictures got her so
excited. She was the one pushing buttons. Not me. So I
don't fucking care anymore. Whatever.