2004-04-20 22:59:10 (UTC)

Quilted All Day

Well, maybe not all day but a good part of it!

I finished the second bootie and the matching bonnet, took a
photo of it and the little sweater they go with and put it
on my webshots page. I also took another photo of the
camouflage hat and booties; I've made two other sets just
like it and I think I have enough of the yarn to make three
more sets. The rest of the day was devoted to quilting the
antique four-patch crib quilt I have in a hoop in my sewing
room. I never had time to get around to the scrap star in
the frame. Perhaps tomorrow.

I decided on roast beef for dinner which doesn't take much
work to fix except towards the end. There's enough baked
goods, I don't need to go anywhere (I'll be going to the
quilt show in Eugene on Thursday), I'm caught up with
housework and it's too cold and rainy to do any yardwork so
knitting and quilting is how I spent my day.