u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-04-20 20:15:07 (UTC)


jus got off the fone wit greg. its all good....i think. he
was so nice and explained everything and it was almost
like um...wanna b friends again?... but i no that wouldnt
ever work cuz theres too much of a past. i wouldnt ever
wanna b bak with him ethier. i mean ya we had sum fun
times, but then i look at all i have now, and greg cant
hold a candle to it.

i have to remember to ask my dad about going to cheergym
with lauryn! it would b so fun! cuz then we could jus
split a private or sumthin, like a 2 on 2 type thing.
although it will b useless if katie ends up coaching next
year...i refuse to cheer for her! i dont care, ill walk
out of try-outs, im not going through that again, nobody
likes her as a coach! she dosent no wat shes doing!

my bus was wiked late today and i told my mom bout it and
told her thats y i wasnt home, and then she calls me and
askes what bus number it is and im like o so u dont
believe me? u have to check up on me? is that it? shes
like maybee i do! and shes alwayse criticizing me about
everything. ill come down in a shirt and no matter what
kind it is, shed b like ugh, does everyhting have to be
about ur curves? do u wanna have ur whole body hang out?
do u think you are guna get any kind of positive
attention? and ill b liek mom its a sweatshirt and a
jeans, how much more covered up do u want me? she thinks
im still the way i was last year.....looks like i still
have work to do cuz apparently im still not good enough
for her....sometimes i wonder if i ever will be...:(

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