How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-20 14:39:05 (UTC)

Happy birthday Dave!

I got up yesterday with the idea that I was going to get
all kinds of stuff done. I wanted to go for a run, wash my
car, lay out in the sun...yadda yadda yadda.... so i went
out for my run, and stopped by Heaths house and was talking
to his dad, then his dad says to me, why dont you come to
lunch with me and Tammy today..... ok I dont pass up lunch.

So I went home took a shower, got dressed and went back
down there... then as we were going to T bones I get a
phone call and oh guess what I got called into work.

So I went to work at 130... it was freakin busy. They
changed evrything on me too. I coundt find anything I felt
so stupid.

THen Stacey and I were suppose to chill with my brother and
Heath last night, but My brother didnt hav any money and we
were ditched by Heath. So i had a mental breakdown last
night. Ive come to the conclusion that I give up. And I
told Stacey Ive been in a 4 month rut.

Stacey and I chilled last night. WE went out to dinner, but
then she had to leave me to go to Daves. I was sad. She
felt bad but I didnt want her too.

Im looking for another job. I want a job that I can go to
after work at the Y. I dont know though... I need the money
though badly!

today was Daves birthday.... yay Happy birthday Davey!
Reedy texted me last night. I love him hes such a good guy.

alright im out. Gotta do something, what i dont know but.

Going back to work next week.... yay money.

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