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2004-04-20 05:37:55 (UTC)

It's been quite a while...

Wow...I didn't realize how long it had been since I've
updated this thing. LOL It's just crazy how quickly time
Tonight I had my senior recital dress rehearsal. I'm
still trying my hardest to unwind from the whole thing. It
actually went VERY well-I was pleased. Today a lot of
things seemed to come together for me in many ways, I'm
very thankful for this!!
All of my experiences in the past few months have taught
me SO much about myself, about life, and about my career.
I've gone from very insecure and questioning everything
about myself to realizing that I have full control of my
potential and my life--I just need to grasp it and live
and breathe in EVERY second that I'm alive. I've truly
learned to be where I am when I'm there and not to be
somewhere else in either the past, future, or a magic land
that doesn't exist. I still have my moments, who
doesn't...but it's been a revelation for me!
Everything is well--I have to take care of myself to the
best of my ability this week and get rest, drink lots of
water, and conserve my voice. I wasn't as vocally tired
as I thought I would be at the end of my recital. Vocally
I've been kind of building myself up to be able to sing
straight for such a lengthy period of time.
Enought of my vocal ramblings. lol
Everything is going well besides that...I can honestly say
that I'm happy-and I'm getting to the point where I feel
complete peace.
My dear sweetheart has proved to be so much more than just
a pleasant distraction for me-I hate to part ways
soon...but just having someone to talk to and make you
feel good at the end of one of these crazy days is nice.
Well I think I'm finally getting sleepy! lol
I'll write more soon, I promise.