lyssa's Diary!
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2004-04-20 04:57:33 (UTC)

wow alot has happend...

me and taylor got together... it was awesome for the first
few weeks. aj was out of hte picture.. but then i started
getting second thoughts, he was acting weird. then aj came
online and i just IMed him and asked for advice. he gave
me some. then he called me right when taylor called me.
taylor got kinna mad that i got off the phone to talk to
aj. ever sense aj and i have been the best of friends and
he was telling me about his girl. then just recently i
left the weekend to go visit my family for easter. while i
was gone Taylor went to church with his ex. when i came
back and drove to his house to surprise him there was his
ex's car in his drive way. my friends that were with me
jumped outta the car and just knocked on the door he didnt
answer. i was pissed off like no other. a couple hrs later
i called him and he answered and was like "im sorry but me
and my ex are back together" i was so hurt. i called aj
and explained and he was like "im so sorry i warned u" he
was right. but then he told me he was coming home in a
few days for a performance. i was soo excited! so last
friday me and my friends jumped into the car and met him
at the hotel. we had such a good time. we laughed got
along, went out to eat, and his family came too... i got a
lil drunk the first night. so did aj and my friends. it
was funny.. but when u get drunk around a person that u
were with for almost 3 yrs, u tend to get a lil emotinal
and honest. i told him how much i still loved him, and
being there in front of him was hard. i told him i was at
him for leaving me to live in orlando and made us break
up. i was just crying, sitting on the 8th floor in the
middle of hte hall way, him against a persons door. he
just said come here he wiped my tears and kissed me . the
next 2 days were awesome. we were always together, i felt
bad about his girl, but i loved him too much to let him
go. but today when i called him at his house back in
orlando he was honest with me andtold me that he never had
a girl in the first place. and that there just friends. i
was a bit shocked but happier. but that soon ended when i
got into it with his sister and her fiance. but thats
another story. i still havent talked to taylor. he called
me once on saturday b4 i left to go visit aj again but he
just asked how i was doin and stuff... ne ways i better be
goin... im tired.. there is alot more that happend between
me nadtaylor, and aj and i but there is too much to say
and im soo tired lol! but yea sorry it took me forever to
post sumthin!