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2004-04-20 03:30:13 (UTC)

April 19th 10:16 pm

okay everythings fine!!!! NO WORRIES!!!!!!! rachel talked
her excuses lol but yea me and jillienne went shopping
yesterday and we bought these cute matching skirts
and i wore mine today and all the girly-girls at my
school complimented it and jillienne is wearing hers
tomorrow and they all will be like "omg that's kates
skirt!" (what jillienne says) I KILLED A WASP TODAY! it
freaked me out and i screamed :-P my blister popped
after school and it was fun grossing judy out :-D hey
thanks for the ride judy!! today was acutaully a GOOD
DAY! cept willy left me alone in science! bad willy! bad! *
smack! just kidding i love you! well i'm off! farewell

My Mood: Happy

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