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2004-04-20 01:38:51 (UTC)


Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I nneeed a summer vacation dammit!
I get two weeks out before I start school again and I wish
it would freakin get here sooner! I've got to give like a
three hour long presentation thursday and im already
getting nervous.
I was thinking today.. people not in college have such a
wonderful life. I want to be like them.. i really do.
They go to work.. come home.. piddle around and then go to
bed. I dont even know what that feels like. I've been in
school since I was 4 and a half years old!!!!
One more God-Forsaken year of this hell. I wonder what
I'll be like when I get out of school... I dont even have
enough time on my hands to know my own personality.
Ok, enough of that..
Guess what stupid thing I did today?
Welll... heh heh.. I was joking around with a few friends
of mine telling some story about my instructor who I have
another class with and I did a funny impression of her
while I was telling the bit. Well, just as I get my big
mouth going who do you think walks up behind me? heh..
yeah. My Instructor. Shes so freaking sneaky. I turn
around and she looks at me and says "see YOU tomorrow".
Ohh she scares the hell out of me. She once kicked a kid
out of school because he was ugly.
I have a feeling this is gonna be a crazy week.
Aaron came over tonight.. ya know.. hes looking better and
better to me. I hope a good guy comes my way soon before I
make a mistake I regret later.
Gotta go

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