2004-04-20 00:58:07 (UTC)

Place Holder Entry

The day began busy enough and it stayed that way. I packed
all the burial gowns and bonnets and booties and knitted
hats, wrote a note to the nurse who would be receiving them
and sent them on their way. I read the newspaper, washed
sheets and blankets and quilts and tablecloths, ironed
several of John's shirts, sewed on some missing buttons,
dusted and vacuumed, swept and mopped, drove Hugh to his
classes and picked him up again, decided what we were going
to have for dinner, finalized my shopping list, saw the
doctor, went grocery shopping, did dishes and knit.

Now it's almost 5 p.m., dinner is almost ready and the day
is almost finished. I accomplished quite a bit although
you'd have to look hard to see it. While John is gone this
evening I'll do a bit of knitting, perhaps finishing that
final bootie and matching bonnet for the little sweater I
knit last week.