The Sexy Blonde
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2004-04-19 23:14:17 (UTC)


yah...Saturday was horrible...

Mom let her boyfriend borrow her car on Friday night and he
didn't ever come back... So the police show up with John,
he got his ass beat at a crack house, the police had called
my mom and told her to come pick up her car but she
couldn't because she didn't have a car..so she got a ride
from my neighbor..wel the police got to our house after she
left...anyway.....they told me she was i trouble too..

Jose came and picked me up..I tried to tell my mom
something before I left..she got mad and told me to leave
her alone. I don't understand her. What a bitch.

OH. Jose and I had some really great sexy Saturday and
Sunday night. Yummy. I finally saw his truck almost
complete...it looks great..

Ohh..Jessica Rios gave me a picture she took of me and
Erica, its a really nice picture of me and her...

anyway.. I am really sure I am not going to go to PROM
anymore.. Claudia is acting like a bitch. I went to go get
food in the cafeteria, and when I came back to eat, she
told me she was going to go outside with everyone else..I
was like okay..leave me by myself than bitch...

I am going to start sitting with Jessica, and Mojo now..it
sucks but its better...