My same boring ol' stuff...
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2004-04-19 22:25:26 (UTC)

And the thing to do now would be?

So im sitting there doing my homework... and my mom comes
in... she looked pissed. Obviously someone told her about
my weekend and stuff so that was lame... but i made a good
story so it all worked out for the best. I just wanna find
out who this kid was who told his mom... im thinking maybe
it was mike or something but I dont know... no one ever
knows! Anywho... my birthday is next week... i dont know
what i wanna do... i think i might just go chill with some
friends. I dont know... I wanna party or something but i
dont think my mom will trust me by then... so maybe just
have a whole bunch of people over at my house or
something... I am a loser and I wish me and jacqui never
got in that fight cuz I wanna do something... but i dont
wanna be here... Anywhere but home... I wish my friends
would do something like planning something cuz I have no
clue what I am gonna do... I mean I wonder if anyone will
even wanna hang out... But who knows

So last night me and shawn had such a a serious talk and he
really opened my eyes to everything that I havent seen
lately. He told me the girl I am now isnt the girl he fell
in love with... so i am gonna try to change. I really wanna
change I just dont have enough in me to say no... but I am
gonna try... I really am... He told me if i screw up again
then i can just loose his number and everything cuz there
would be no point in keeping it... So thats kinda
serious... so i really am gonna try...

So i am so mad at everyone... i mean my sis just told me
she hates me so i can tell i am loved very well by my
family... then my mom told me i am turning out just like my
brother so that felt good... then cory J is telling my sis
shit... i wish i could live my own life without my sis
being right there to yell at anyone that makes me mad...
she means well but it isnt working too well... she has so
many problems of her own right now and making me the center
of her life... so serious she needs to concentrate on her
own problems... not mine!! But anywho... imma go now... and
if anyone has ideas for my birthday let me know cuz I cant
have a sucky birthday... its my 16th and i want it to be

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