Sweet Echoes Of Mad Candy
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2004-04-19 21:28:02 (UTC)

Breezing Through Life

There are layers
of conversation
in plain sight
that we often choose
to ignore.

One-sided conversations.
To us.
On the surface.

It’s not the wind
we see,
but the effects
of its power.

In the wind’s conversations,
the leaves,
the grass,
the buildings we build to protect ourselves,
the wind stays silent.

Leaves rustle.
Grass hushes.
Cracks in the buildings howl.

But the wind carries seeds and deposits them where it can
easily revisit.

The wind warns of storms with the strength to mar the

The wind stirs the hair of a loved one in a memory.

in the ways
we measure sight.

Weak or strong
by our false standards.

But always there,
silently saying something.