u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-04-19 19:58:17 (UTC)

WHEE!(so random)

yea! im in a good mood....and i dont kno why....
left the purse and celly in the locker again! cuz im a
its sooo nice out! tomorro is twin n paul r bein goin goth guyz! (dont worry its jus one day) so
i gotta stuff the clothes in my bag n change at school. it
would b nice if i brought sam's number home so i could
borrow sum pants......
me and kyle are currently arguing over who's hotter, paul
or kayla...(DEFINATLY PAUL!)
AWW i miss my nikki i want her to call me so she can tell
me whats bothering her!
b OUT nUgGeT (nice form of nigger)

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