2004-04-19 18:36:38 (UTC)

Church and Baking

This morning Pastor Ruth blessed the little garments I made.
They'll be packaged and mailed to Doernbecher Children's
Hospital tomorrow morning.

In the afternoon I baked a blueberry pie and made a batch of
white chocolate chip/dried cranberry cookies. These are
mainly for John's lunchbox. I was up early again this
morning so after dinner I decided to lie down just for a bit
and ended up falling asleep, not waking up until after 9
p.m. I got up to take a shower and changed into my nightgown
but it was difficult to fall back asleep after a three hour
nap! I did get a few more hours of sleep but it was a
restless sleep.

I made a grocery list and a list of tasks for this week so
hopefully that will keep me on track! I plan on going to
the Pioneer Quilters quilt show in Eugene with Carol
tomorrow and on Friday morning several of us will be meeting
to schedule what we need to do for our church quilt show.
I'm sure I'll be baking pies for it and I may also be baking
for the conference the church is hosting May 1st.