listen to my silences
2004-04-19 16:40:12 (UTC)

feeling better

i'm feeling much better about myself now. yesterday tiff
had some of my friends get together and we had a sort of
birthday thing over at sertoma where we played volleyball
and had a blast until after nine. brodie came. i was
somewhat surprised. not for sure why. we played catch-up
for awhile afterwards and he's coming over later.

brandon was not invited (per tiff) and didn't show up. for
which, i realized later, i was and still am immensely

all in all, i guess i am okay now. i feel no older than
last year, but perhaps a bit wiser.

thunder was on saturday. i had to work from one to ten.
then the police would not let me come home. they weren't
letting any traffic in until all the traffic was out. so i
had to go to mom and dad's. i ranted and raved for hours
in their front yard and woke all of the neighbors up.

ahh...things to look forward to when i move back in.

in a week and a day.

final thought: holding out straws, hoping you would call,
whoever gets the shortest one, has to run away...

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