Mind problems
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2004-04-19 10:05:10 (UTC)

Let me tell you what happen...

This is going to take a while, since it happen with in a
couple of days..
Here it goes:

Saturday: after hanging out with the people in the
building fromt he dorm me and two friends decided to walk
the arboritum.We were bored so we started and my friend
while on the phone and the other went to get something
they forgot in his room we were hanging out. So i made a
friend. It was like whatever we walk and hung out for a
while. Then i went to his room and hung out til about 2 in
the morning. Then we talked on line for another hour or
so. He told me that he just wanted to make out with me and
that i was cute... i was like me too. The thing is i
didn't mean him i was thinking about my boyfriend.

Sunday: The same old happen, we talked on line and he said
if i was game to go walk at nite. I was like sure and then
we ended up in his room and we were watching TV. It was
fun and what not but i got back sooner to my room. I was
like kew, and he was telling me how he was going to quite
cigs, and i was happy for him. Yet, i didn't care much
what he did or didn't do... i just meet him. So i was like

MOnday: We hung out between classes and i took a nap with
him... more like i was laying there thinking about my
babe, and just thinking if this was the same feeling my bf
had when he had a nap with that other chic. I felt like
shit the entire time and i was like hurry up time... but
it din't and i left in a while... then we didn't hang out
at nite, i was like i have stuff to do. Even though it was
the same old things i would do... Nothing.

Tuesday: he Aim me telling me that i am distincing myself
from him and if there is a reason for that. I was like i
have things to catch up on.. i fell behind, which was
true... and he was like so did i. Whatever i told him i
had a boyfriend and that yeah, that i was just like
whatever. I know i should have told him earlier, but i was
like naw, then he won't talk to me and it will be like
every other guy. You know, you have a bf, so we cant hang.

so i ignored him a lot during the week, more like i was
busy and i had things to do. Play catch up over all and he
was like i like you. I was like fuck man i told you
already and he didn't get it. So i did all my regular
things before i meet him and i figured if i found time i
would hang out with him... but i dint' because i was
socialising with my mates more because there was some
festivites to do here...

So this dude, he was like that i bring him down. That i am
uncounsious of his feelings and what not... I was like
dude, this is the way i am. I don't mean to be evil or
mean its just the way i am. I'm sorry that i offend but
thats the way i work, and too bad. I'm not going to
change, just because thats the way i am. So yeah, i was
wondering if i should feel bad? i say no but thats
me...What do you think?

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