2004-04-19 09:50:20 (UTC)

the modern prometheus

das zittern und die anderen kleinen erscheinungen, die mich
unsicher werden lassen, nehmen zu. als würde mein inneres
vor schwäche zittern. unglaublich.

„I shall die. I shall no longer feel the agonies which now
consume me or be the prey of feelings unsatisfied, yet
unquenched. [...] I shall no longer see the sun or stars or
feel the winds play on my cheeks. Light, feeling, and sense
will pass away; and in this condition must I find my
happiness. Some years ago, when the images which this world
affords first opened upon me, when I felt the cheering
warmth of summer and heard the rustling of the leaves and
the warbling of the birds, and these were all to me, I
should have wept to die; now it is my only consolation.
Polluted by crimes and torn by the bitterest remorse, where
can I find rest but in death?
[...] thou didst seek my extinction, that I might not cause
greater wretchedness; and if yet, in some mode unknown to
me, thou hadst not ceased to think and feel, thou wouldst
not desire against me a vengeance greater than that which I
feel. Blasted as thou wert, my agony was still superior to
thine, for the bitter sting of remorse will not cease to
rankle my wounds until death shall close them forever.
But soon [...] I shall die, and what I now feel be no
longer felt. Soon this burning miseries will be extinct. I
shall ascend my funeral pile triumphantly and exult in the
agony of the torturing flames. The light of that
conflagration will fade away; my ashes will be swept into
the sea by the winds. My spirit will fall in peace, or if
it thinks, it will not surely think thus. Farewell.“
[mary wollstonecraft shelley, „Frankenstein or, The modern

wie du siehst, lese ich den frankenstein im
englischsprachigen original. ich höre, lese und lerne.