William Wong

who knows
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2004-04-19 09:28:38 (UTC)

Losing weight

Whenever people ask me how to lose weight
effectively, 'exercise more eat less' is my modal answer.
I genuinely believe in that, it works for me, and I think
it's the most health-friendly. (If you're wondering why
people prompt to a guy with such question, FYI I was once
an obese boy until 15)

After the past week, I reckon, stress is another possible
answer, albeit an ironic one.

I have never been pissed by study. Failing exams happens
time to time, but revision is never something too painful
to me. I always know how to adjust my expectation after
thinking about effort I spend. My way of study as well.
I never allow myself to get too stressful. Once I know I
can't go on for longer, I will stop a while, and come back

But I was really pissed off last week.

Fair enough, just can't be lazier than I was this term. I
was staying in my room 24x7 to prepare for 2 most
demanding exams on the same day. I didn't have mood or
appetide to make food. I didn't want to talk to anyone.
Submerging myself in papers was the way I chose to escape
from reality. (Well I did have to study though). Finally
suffocated. Now I am sick of my own room (but not 'felt
sick staying in Gage' :P ). I need a break.

Did you remember you asked me three times yesterday how I
could lose weight so rapidly? I didn't answer you at any
instance. I could have told you it was because I was
stressed out by study, but I know it's not the whole
story. I don't want to lie to you, so I would rather be

Going out for some fresh air always helps. Looking at the
stunning Pacific, troubles seem nothing. Better still you
were there.


'Passions too violent . . . afford us nothing but vexation
and pain.' With due respect, I do not agree.


My blessings to you, grandma.