I am Jack
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2004-04-19 01:37:51 (UTC)

Looking back

So, I occasionally get automatic e-mail reminders this past
year saying "you haven't updated your you want
to keep it?" So, if just to temporarily stop those reminders
here's another entry. (I don't want to erase it yet-
actually I want to transfer it, and all last year's Live
Journal entries, into some program, and add all the
corresponding pictures and then print it out and bind it.
Like a physical archive/ pseudo digital diary/ scrapbook
thing going on.)

I was also planing on posting short stories and some essays
I'd written on here, but decided against it. Partly because
some aren't what I'd call finished, and perfectionist me
doesn't want anyone to read the works till they are done.
Particulary an essay I was writing on my security jobs- I'm
still trying to finish it. I'm struggling on trying to find
an entertaining yet still serious tone to it to make it
kinda entertaining- so it doesn't sound so much like an
procedure manual like it does now.

I was reading back on all the entries I have here, I'm so
glad I wrote some of that stuff down:it really reminded me
of how I felt and how optimistic I was. Although now I know
I made the right choice in moving.
It's funny reading it now knowing how things turned out:
that my roommate got bored and basically abandonded the
short film project of which he headed, leaving everyone who
had worked so hard on it dissapointed and upset. (there are
actually shades of what I had come to hate about that
apartment and my roommate subtely evident in there.)
And how I write about a few people I met who later ended up
being so important, and influential on my life here; I write
about them just in passing, just a mention, not yet knowing.
People like Josh (and later Victor) who not only have come
to be good friends but have introduced me to so many other
great people and things.
And all the people I left behind, I still only miss just a
few of them, and they know who they are. All the others,
have proven how close we *were'nt* by not keeping in touch.
If you haven't heard from me in awhile it's because I got
tired of being ignored. (A few chicas on that shout out list
are practiacally on my shitlist now.)

So as the California sunset shines through my downtown
window, I'll end it by saying that while things could be a
bit better, I'm loving it out here and on most days have
never been happier.

(maybe someday I will post a short story or two on here, if
I don't delete this account first.) =