Day Dreams and Reality
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2004-04-19 00:22:58 (UTC)

a ride on the wild side (or maybe)

its april 18 and I'm April Foster
its been a real rollercoster lately i dont relly know what
to do. Paul yeah well hes no more. The other day i i told
Adam that i didnt want him to tell me that he loves me
anymore cause it hurt to much.. he wasnt to happy with it
but he said ok...then this weekend i went to a party with
one of my friends and there was this really really hot guy
that was there name justin (he dated one of the most
popular girls in my school..key word dated) well i got
drunk and i didnt know that liek 5 mins before he told her
that he still loved her....well he kissed me AND I WAS
DRUNK so i didnt care and he was HOT well that monday
everyone knew about it and they also know that i did more
with him, they just dont know how much. Well lets just
say that his ex girl wasnt to happy with either of
us....because of this sam told me that i never seem to be
with a guy i am allways the other girl....i dont want to
think this but its true.
Last night i was at a Track meet and Adam was there i
was talkin to him and he took off his swet shirt and his
other shirt came up with it HE HAD THE BIGGEST HICKY ON
HIS CHEST..you dont know how mad that made me..i told him
i wasnt talkin to him and i took off..today we had a talk
and i told him that i wasnt mad at him i was mad at myself
for carein and after all we have been thro thinkin that he
would care back..he told me he cared and i told him that
he didnt care like i need..he went on to tell me that i
dont get it that he cares more then i think...we talked
more and after i told him that i wasnt goin to get hurt
anymore cause he was with racheal we made the dael that we
would just be friends..he said i had no clue how hard it
would be for him ( i personaly think its goin to be harder
for me then him) ohh by the way i was this close to
losein it (youknow what i mean by "it") this weekend with
that guy justin....i dont know what i would have done if i
did but it allmost happened.. WOW so much drama!!!
well i have to go i will keep you posted cause liz is
havin her 18 birthday party this weekend DRINKIN AND HOT
GUYS .........so i will keep you posted

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