Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-04-18 23:03:12 (UTC)

my weekend 2

hey ppl. CODY SENT ME A BRACELET! i havent takin it off
since friday morning when i got it. i talked to him till
12am that night. then satuday me, jason and katie went to
the mall....a lot of fun...i got a henna tattoo...oh
goody. didnt kno when i got it that i could get RILLY sick
from it. oh well.. and then sat night i spent from 9pm to
12:30 am on the phone with cody.. and then tonight i cant
but i wish i could. i love him SOOO much.
well im wearing a hunter green dress to prom and hes
wearing black pants, white shirt and then the vest, tie
and jacket is mint green. soo yea...hes crazy. but hes
mine thats all that matters.